Phi Sigma Pi is a gender-inclusive national honor fraternity, which was founded upon three main ideals: scholarship, leadership, and fellowship, collectively known as The Tripod.

While many people think of scholarship as merely academic recognition or the number of your GPA, Phi Sigma Pi sees it as so much more. Scholarship is about trying new things and about making new, meaningful experiences with your brothers. Here at Phi Sigma Pi we really emphasize diversity and difference: everyone has something special and important to share, and there’s nothing more special than sharing your experiences with others. In order to implement this, we have tons of scholarship events each semester that are open to brothers and sometimes even to the public! If you’re looking for a place where you can share a cool skill or just something you are passionate about, then Phi Sig could be the place for you.

Some examples of recent scholarship events include:

-Hip-hop dance tutorial with Kami Kaze!
– Boxing
– Book Club
– Linked-In Workshop


Here at Phi Sigma Pi, we value leadership in both a formal and informal sense. Phi Sig provides students with many (formal) leadership opportunities by offering a wide variety of leadership positions within the fraternity itself, ranging from President, to Parliamentarian to Public Relations Chair (check out our “Officers” page to see a full list of these!). However, Phi Sig also values leadership in a more relaxed sense as well. Don’t have any previous positions or titles? Are you more of a silent leader? Then Phi Sig is still ready for you! We also value “leading” in more subtle ways. This could be anything from being a good role model to those around you to leading by example in your classes. Leading isn’t just about a title, it’s about embodying the characteristics of someone others can look up to.

We also participate in a variety of community service projects, especially in support of our national philanthropy, HOBY. Other events include:
– Tiger Rescue
– Battle of the Bands at R&R Grill
– Special Olympics that reaches those all over the Triangle area
– Habitat for Humanity, and more

Phi Sigma Pi is so much more than a group of students with similar academic ideals- first and foremost, we are a family. Phi Sig really strives to be a place where you can always turn, a community, for its brothers. Phi Sig can connect you with so many people that you may never have had the opportunity to run into on campus otherwise. And through Phi Sig you get to meet a diverse group of people who have different experiences, passions, and ideas that you can share in and learn more about. In order to do this, Phi Sig has many social events throughout the year, including:
– Big/Little Program17103252_624803081045276_6028382096909481688_n
– Fall Semi-Formal in Chapel Hill
– Spring Formal (destinations have included Charleston, Asheville, Myrtle Beach, Savannah)
– Intramural sports (we do everything from sand volleyball to baseball)
– Support system on campus (As a brotherhood, we often support our fellow brothers with their other involvements on campus by attending fundraisers, concerts and plays)
– Unofficial weekend events such as themed parties, bonfires, ice skating, trips to Defy Gravity, and mixers with other organizations
– Constant presence at a community table in the Union and at Davis (you’ll always have a study buddy!)